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Fishing Report June 2023

Fishing Conditions                          


Temp (River): Average of 17ºC – 21ºC


Water Clarity: The water is still nice and clear.


Water Level: 85.46%


Rainfall: 18.0mm


Other Conditions: The Dam level is nice and stable! Our humble apologies for no reports submitted in April and May, it has just been a busy period for us all.


Fishing Area: From Mpalane Bay, Crocodile Bay towards the railway bridge, in front of Nkwazi Lake Lodge, Pump Station, the bay as you pass the KZN Wildlife campsites, Elephant Bay in 2 - 8m of water and towards the mouth of the river where it enters the main Dam.

Fish Caught


Tiger Fish Sizes: Tiger Fish caught during the month ranged from 1kg – 3.5kg. The largest one of 3.5kg was caught on sardine, and shallower water has been the best areas to catch during June.


Total Tiger Fish: The fishing has been good, with an average of 417 Tiger Fish caught off the Pongola Game Reserve boats. Sardines, chicken livers and chicken hearts all worked well, with chicken livers and hearts working the best. Spoons and lures also had some success.  


Barbel: A few Barbel were caught while fishing for Tiger Fish; using sardine, chicken livers and chicken hearts.

Lure Colour of the Month: Orange and Red.

Important News: Fishing has still been great fun during the winter! Book soon and don’t miss out.

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