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Rhino Tracking

Rhino tracking is a thrilling experience that allows you to observe these

majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Join one of our expert guides

as they lead you on a journey to follow the trail, or "spoor," of these

prehistoric giants. The excitement builds as you get closer and closer to

these magnificent animals, all while being concealed in the bush to avoid

disturbing them.

To ensure the safety and comfort of both participants and the rhinos,

appropriate attire is necessary. This typically includes neutral-colored

clothing to blend in with the surroundings, sturdy and comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and sunscreen. It's important to be prepared for various weather conditions as well, so bringing a light rain jacket or layers may be beneficial.

To maintain an intimate and immersive experience, the group size is limited to a maximum of 6 people per tracking session. This ensures that everyone gets a chance to witness the rhinos up close and that the animals are not overwhelmed by human presence.

The duration of the rhino tracking experience is approximately 3 hours, giving you ample time to follow the trail, observe the rhinos in their natural behavior, and learn more about these incredible creatures from your knowledgeable guide.

Please note that rhino tracking is subject to availability, as it depends on the rhino's movements and other factors related to their well-being. It is essential to prioritize the safety and conservation of these endangered animals, so sometimes tracking opportunities may be limited.

If you're interested in participating in this unforgettable experience, make sure to book in advance and be prepared for an adventure that will leave a lasting impression on your heart and mind.

Mvubu River Lodge - Inyati Lodge - Sondaba Bush Lodge - Mhlozi Bush Lodge - Mvubu Minor

R575.00 per person

Nkwazi Lake Lodge - Nkwazi River Bungalows - Mpalane Fishing Lodge 

R675.00 per person includes boat transfer

Rhini, Pongola Game Reserve, Safari,ODMedia
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